Information Technology has become a  strategic resource to  Government
Accounting  with the support of National Informatics Centre (NIC) which is
the  nodal agency for  providing  software support  to  computerize several
functions in various Ministries  & Departments of the Government of India.
The Office of  the Controller  General  of  Accounts has been  taking NIC's
support   since  1978   for   adapting   Information Technology  to  support
Government   accounting   functions.   Several  applications   have   been
developed  in the  last  two  decades  for  computerization  of  accounting
processes  at  various  levels  of  accounting units of Government of India,
viz. Pay  and  Accounts  Offices,  Principal Accounts Office (CCAs/CAs),
Controller General of Accounts. 
NIC  team  at the CGA office  has got the opportunity  to interact with the
Office  of   the CGA   for modernization of  audit  processes. This positive
interaction  resulted into deployment of  NIC  resources  optimally for  the
design  & development of  PAO-2000 to align Information Technology with
business  rules of  PAO's  and  to  bring  efficiency  in  various processes
performed  in  the  PAO offices.Version 1.0  of  the software was officially
released on 17th September, 2001. Since then, several Pay &  Accounts
Offices of different Ministries all over India have started implementation of
the software

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