PAO-2000 software is at the
lowest level of  Accounting and
it provides information to higher
levels of accounting systems
for further processing.

The software covers all the
major  accounting functions i.e.
Pre-check, Compilation, GPF,
Budget and Pension.

It will capture the accounts
data from the original source
i.e. the bill to improve the
quality of dataused for
compilation and consolidation
of accounts.

Functional interfaces among
various modules to enhance
data integrity and to enforce
process validations.

Electronic Incorporation from
Text files.

The operational efficiency of
the accounting processess will
be improved due to proper
validations, speed, user-friendly
interface and security features.
Vital checks and validations for
passing a bill.
• Online validation of Budget
  allocations head wise.
• Reporting on the cases of
  Budget overriding.
• Capture of reasons for
  rejection of bills.

Online reconciliation of
cheques during bank scroll

Access to the software for
authorised users only.

Predefined access rights to
the users of the forms and
reports of the application.

Generation of Monthly
Consolidated Accounts data in
the electronis format for
incorporation at the Principal
Accounts Offices in the

Generation of various
managerial reports for
expenditure analysis like
Expensiture Control Register,
Budget Vs Monthly Expenditure
Comparison, Datewise Monthly
Statement of Payments and
Receipts (DDO-wise).

Generation of cheques for
payment on pre-printed
stationery issued from RBI.

Bank reconciliation statements
for Outstanding, Variance and
Only in Scroll Cheques.

Recasting of GPF Accounts on
final settlement.

Tracking of missing credits of
GPF accounts.

Authority letter generation and
Electronic input to CPAO in
Pension Module.


Server: Pentium III, 800Mhz
with 256 MB RAM, FDD,
CDROM and DAT Drives,
Ethernet Card, Ultra SCSI
HDD 20 GB.
Clients: Pentium III, 550Mhz
 with 64 MB RAM.


Operating System:
Windows-NT/2000 for Server,
Windows 98SE/Me/XP for
RDBMS: Microsoft SQL
Server 7.0/2000.

Accounts Informatics
Division, National Informatics
Centre, Office of the C.G.A.,
8th Floor, C-Wing,
Loknayak Bhavan, Khan
Market, New Delhi-110003
Phone: 4640085.
e-mail: pao2000[at]nic[dot]in